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Denver Broncos shock the Buffalo Bills in funniest ending of the NFL season

The beautiful game delivers once again.

The Denver Broncos and Buffalo Bills played in one of...the football games this season and it culminated in one of the endings of all time.

Let’s set the scene: after a Josh Allen rushing touchdown to go up 22-21 over the Broncos (Denver missed an extra point and fumbled the snap on a field goal), the Broncos had a little over a minute left to get into field goal range and win the game. Time for a VINTAGE Russell Wilson moment.


We get to third and long, and the Bills send a 0 blitz at Wilson, who throws it downfield to Jerry Jeudy but it gets broken up which should set up a critical fourth and long.

HOWEVER, the Bills are flagged for pass interference on this play, because the ball was underthrown and DB Taron Johnson just so happened to be in the area.

This sets up the Broncos in field goal range with time to kill. They don’t have any timeouts, and after the Bills use their final timeouts, it’s third down. Wilson takes the snap, centers the ball and then runs off the field for what Peyton Manning called a “mayday” field goal, with no timeouts and the clock running. They get on the field, and kicker Wil Lutz misses. Game over, right?


The Bills are flagged for 12 men on the field, giving the Broncos another shot at the win, which Lutz hammered to send the Bills to 5-5.

The beautiful game delivers once again.