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Is Ash Ketchum actually good at training Pokémon?

Life and death: The true cost of inequality in high school football

How race and class puts some athletes in greater danger from the game.

Caster Semenya and the cruel history of contested black femininity

World Athletics’ regulations targeting Caster Semenya are rooted in a long legacy of black bodies being held to white standards.

18-year-old Ali Mulhall, with over 300 wins, aims to empower young women in golf

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Joel Dahmen joins Arnold Palmer, John Daly gaining PGA Tour legendary status through perseverance and whiskey

PGA Tour fan favorite, Dahmen keeps golf fun. Now he’s partnering with Bushmills Irish Whiskey as a whiskey caddie to create ‘Joel’s Juicy Lie.’

Why chiseled boxers lose, and flabby boxers win

In boxing, aesthetics don’t count for much.

The women of the Scottish Highland games

Why women are flocking to one of the oldest, most "manly" sports in the world.

Inside the heartwarming world of Hot Wheels collecting

What seems like a simple hobby can take you across the world.

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A common goal

How young refugees find belonging and opportunity through soccer.

See you soon, Hannah Roberts

How one of Team USA’s potential Olympic stars is handling the wait.

The legend of King Handles and The Notic

The rise and fall, and rise again, of one of streetball’s greatest crews.

The secret life of Floyd Lippencott Jr.

To hide his career from his father, drag racer Bob Muravez assumed the name Floyd Lippencott Jr. But he couldn’t outrun the truth.

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The NBA has a chemistry problem

How NBA teams struggle to create chemistry in an era when rosters are turning over faster than ever.

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‘It’s just business’

How MLB became a microcosm of capitalism’s failure.

‘We just made history’: The story of hockey’s first ever Team Trans

How a group of 17 trans athletes made history last November.

The Fukushima surf revival

How surfing was revived alongside a community in the wake of a tsunami and nuclear disaster.

The Girl in the Huddle

How Elinor Kaine Penna became a pioneering pro football writer in an industry where women weren’t welcome

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Why a dead English football club lives on

Jorge Luis Borges once claimed that "football is only popular because stupidity is." He couldn’t foresee the imagination and resiliency of Bury FC’s community.

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The gore, guts and horror of an NFL fumble pile

Stories from the bottom of the most lawless play in sports.

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Kaurs, Singhs and Kings

How a ‘Sikh Heritage Night’ at a Sacramento Kings game sparked a movement against bigotry

Walter McCarty has put Evansville back on the map

Evansville Aces basketball was once a small college powerhouse. Walter McCarty is working on bringing that energy back.

How Frank Ntilikina’s summer with France might have revived his NBA career

How France basketball embraced Frank Ntilikina and helped him learn to trust himself.

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I spent years scalping tickets and evading police. My journey to hell and back.

This is my story.

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What the future of the American ballpark should look like

The American ballpark is in decline. Let’s build it back up.

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Gus Johnson wants to live in the present

The man whose voice will boom throughout history couldn’t be enjoying the present more.

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The Las Vegas Aces were built to succeed. (And it’s working.)

In only its second year in the WNBA, the Aces are thriving on and off the court.

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Japanese basketball’s ‘Chosen One’ is playing in the G League

Yuta Watanabe may be toiling in the G League, but "Yuta-mania" and hope for the future of Japanese basketball are still alive.

How the Canadian Women’s Hockey League fell apart

The CWHL shuttered with a phone call. Now the players, coaches, and GMs who were left in the cold are trying to determine what the future of their sport should be.

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Chair shots to the head in wrestling are an unnecessary risk with permanent consequences

AEW’s mission is to support its wrestlers. Allowing unprotected chair shots flies in the face of that.

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The secret art of winning an NHL faceoff

Hockey faceoffs have historically been about center vs. center, but winger vs. winger may be just as important. It’s the pivotal battle you likely missed.

Courtney Williams is showing the WNBA how to let loose

Few people saw Courtney Williams coming. Now she’s bending the WNBA to her joy.

The Kentucky Derby is Louisville’s 2-week bender

Louisville is your typical, boring, mid-size city. Then the Kentucky Derby happens.

We got a fragrance expert to review Michael Jordan’s failed cologne from the 90s

Here’s what we learned.

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Inside Oscar Gamble’s Afro

How a fantasy baseball league of pioneering indie rock heroes is just like yours.

Shannon Sharpe embraced the memes and became one of the most important voices in sports