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Frankfurt stadium has coolest retractable roof ever for Patriots-Colts

German stadium’s amazing retractable roof sucks into scoreboard for NFL game

The Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots did not exactly put on the best advertisement for American football when the two teams traveled to Frankfurt, Germany for the final NFL game outside of the United States this season. The Colts beat the Pats, 10-6, in a sluggish affair that saw both teams fail to move the ball all afternoon.

The Patriots are off to their worst start ever under Bill Belichick, and it feels like New England will be in the market for a new head coach this offseason. The Colts really just wanted to see what they had in rookie QB Anthony Richardson this season, but the No. 4 overall pick is out for the year with a shoulder injury. This was a boring game between two broken teams, but at least the stadium was cool.

Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt has one of the coolest retractable roofs of any stadium in the world. Watch this video of the roof being sucked into the scoreboard:

Pats Pulpit wrote about the fascinating stadium, which features 90 percent real grass mixed with some synthetic fibers. The roof steals the show, though.

Let’s hope the next time the NFL goes to Europe, it can put on a better product. At least the retractable roof was awesome.