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Broadcaster flames James Harden in epic halftime rant amid another horrible game

This rant will be music to your ears if you’re a James Harden hater.

The Los Angeles Clippers didn’t think they had enough talent to seriously compete for a championship in their fourth season of the Kawhi Leonard and Paul George era. That’s why the Clippers pulled the trigger on a trade to acquire James Harden on Oct. 31.

The Clippers were 3-1 at the time of the trade. They still haven’t won a game since.

The Mavericks beat Los Angeles, 144-126, on Friday night in a game that didn’t seem that close. Luka Doncic was electric for the Mavs to finish with 44 points, six assists, and six rebounds. Harden, meanwhile, had another tough night, finishing with 14 points on 3-of-6 shooting in 29 minutes. The Clippers are now 0-3 in games with Harden.

Harden has long been polarizing player, but his decision to force his way out from three different teams in the last three years has invigorated his critics. During halftime of the Mavs-Clippers game, Dallas broadcaster Brian Dameris went on a rant for the ages against Harden. This is just about the harshest criticism you will ever hear on a player. If you’re a Harden hater, it should be music to your ears. Watch the video here.

“You’re not the beard. You’re not the system. You’re the problem,” Dameris said to close his tirade.

All the hallmarks of a great rant on there. Dameris spoke with (sports) hate in his heart. He came with all the facts. He didn’t pause or stammer or stop for air. He didn’t hold back once. Someone has already put it over the “Ether” beat, because the NBA Twitter doesn’t miss.

The Clippers have some real problems right now. They’re smaller and weaker on the glass after trading Nicolas Batum and Robert Covington in the Harden deal. They’re still figuring out how Harden fits with Leonard, George, and Russell Westbrook, with all four currently starting games together. Harden himself just hasn’t looked the same in terms of getting to the basket or the foul line. He had already dropped from superstar to All-Star during his time with the Philadelphia 76ers. After his latest training camp holdout, it feels like he’s barely hanging on to his NBA reputation.

Still, it’s only been three games. We didn’t love the trade at the time for the Clippers, but this experiment deserves a real chance before we judge it. Then again, no one ever said life is fair. Dameris had a message for Harden, and he delivered it with force. Harden better turn his play around, otherwise this rant is going to be reposted all season long.