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Josh Allen has brought back the ‘Madden Curse’

The curse is real!

Just when it seemed like the infamous “Madden Curse” was dead, it’s come groaning back to live like a zombie. Josh Allen is playing horrific football (by his standards) for seemingly no reason, and everyone is looking for the root cause.

It was in front of us all along.

The long-standing NFL superstition seemed like it was gone after Pat Mahomes graced the cover of Madden 22, and went on to have a slightly down season, but it was a huge stretch to say he was “cursed.” The game went in a different direction for Madden 23, putting John Madden himself on the cover in honor of the legendary broadcaster following his death. It seemed that the cover curse was gone, but this year it’s come roaring back.

Josh Allen is playing the worst football of his career since 2019. The Bills’ QB might be boasting an excellent completion percentage, but he’s turning the ball over at an alarming rating. Allen is on pace for 19 interceptions in 2023 (a career-high), while also fumbling four times so far this season, losing three of them.

The Bills are now 5-5 on the year, languishing in second place in the AFC East to the Dolphins, putting them on par with the Raiders and Colts. Heck, the TEXANS have a better record than Buffalo does right now. The Bills are in 10th place in the AFC, and if the playoffs started today they would miss the playoffs.

It’s nice to have consistency in life, and the Madden Curse being back is a warm hug of disappointment.