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Josh Dobbs’ journey to Vikings’ breakout star is absolutely astounding

QB Josh Dobbs was with SO MANY different teams before becoming the best story in the NFL with the Vikings.

Josh Dobbs has been with the Minnesota Vikings for less than two weeks, but that’s all the time he’s needed to become arguably the best story of the NFL season. Dobbs has changed teams nine different teams since being selected in the fourth round of the 2017 NFL Draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers, and now it feels like he’s finally found a home with the Vikings.

In his first start with Minnesota, Dobbs got called in on emergency duty after an injury and had to learn the team’s plays and cadences in real time while leading the Vikings to a win. He looks even better in his second game. The Vikings are running up the score on the New Orleans Saints in Week 10, with Dobbs finding the end zone multiple times, whether he’s using his arm or his legs.

There’s plenty of time to get into Dobbs’ play, but first let’s talk about his journey to Minnesota. This graphic does a great job tracking the path of “The Passtronaut” before he got to Minnesota.

Dobbs was with the Cleveland Browns during training camp before getting traded to the Arizona Cardinals just before the start of the season. After making eight starts with Arizona, the Vikings acquired him for a sixth round pick and got a seventh rounder back. He’s balling right now.

Here’s the full journey for Dobbs since being drafted in 2017:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers (2017-2019)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (2019)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (2020-2021)
  • Cleveland Browns (2022)
  • Detroit Lions (2022)
  • Tennessee Titans (2022)
  • Cleveland Browns (2023)
  • Arizona Cardinals (2023)
  • Minnesota Vikings (2023)

By the way, the Passtronaut might be the best nickname in sports right now. Dobbs was an aerospace engineering at the University of Tennessee, and spent time studying with NASA’s Kennedy Space Center during his time with the Jaguars. Read more on Dobbs’ side gig as a rocket scientist here.

Watch Dobbs’ touchdown run against the Saints here:

Here’s Dobbs’ touchdown throw to T.J. Hockenson:

This story keeps getting better. You have to love “The Passtronaut.”