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Josh Hart drained a 3 after bouncing the ball off Jrue Holiday’s back like it was streetball

Makes me want to go back and play NBA Street.

Josh Hart left TD Garden and went to Rucker Park against the Celtics on Monday night when he channeled his inner NBA Street to do this.

The amount of swagger and improvisation is off the charts. Hart didn’t anticipate Holiday’s speed when he committed to the shot, and realized he was either going to have his attempt blocked or commit and up-and-down travel by landing back on his feet. So he adjusted and bounced the ball off Holiday’s back, picked up his dribble, and drained the shot.

It was a fun moment in an otherwise disappointing night for the Knicks, who collapsed in the second half after starting strong against the surging Celtics, giving up 62 points in the final two quarters before eventually losing 114-98.

As for Josh Hart, he finished with 16 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists — and one bounced ball off an opponent’s back.