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Las Vegas Grand Prix: Tracking the unique liveries

Tracking the unique paint schemes from F1 teams at Las Vegas Grand Prix

With the first Las Vegas Grand Prix just days away, the drivers and their teams are pulling out all the stops.

As you might expect, we are starting to see a bit of flavor from the drivers themselves. Theme helmets are a growing part of Formula 1, and this season alone has seen some incredible efforts, such as Lando Norris’s beach-ball helmet for the Miami Grand Prix, and everything that Valtteri Bottas has done this year.

But the teams are also getting in on the act. We have already seen some theme liveries this season. McLaren paid tribute to their history with a bit of chrome earlier in the season — it certainly helps that Google is one of their sponsors — and they also honored their status as the only team to have captured racing’s Triple Crown, with victories in the Monaco Grand Prix, the Indianapolis 500, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Red Bull has also used some special designs this year, notably at the Miami Grand Prix and the United States Grand Prix. Both were part of the team’s “Make Your Mark” program, which the team announced earlier this year when they unveiled the RB19 in New York City. As part of this program, fans were allowed to submit their own designs for the RB19, to be featured at the three races in the United States this season.

Speaking of the United States Grand Prix Haas, the one team on the grid with ties to the United States, brought out this design for Austin.

Now the teams are unveiling special designs for Las Vegas.


Ferrari was first out of the gate, introducing a red-and-white look for the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix:

Drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr. seem to be big fans, at least of the white rear wing:

The red-and-white look also calls back to Ferrari’s ties to America, as the design looks a lot like the paint scheme Mario Andretti used in 1971, and took to his first-ever F1 victory at that year’s South African Grand Prix.


Alpine kicked off race week with their new livery for the Las Vegas Grand Prix, featuring an underlying pattern look that turned heads on social media:


On Monday, McLaren teased a big announcement with this short video trailer featuring drivers Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris, along with a nod to Jack Daniels:

Then on Tuesday as dawn broke in Las Vegas, the team shared their custom look for the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix, featuring Jack Daniels and the “Old No. 7” logo:


Williams was up next on Tuesday, unveiling this Vegas-specific livery complete with the World Famous Las Vegas sign:

Now, this is just one person’s opinion, but Williams might be the clubhouse leader at the moment. Here is another look:

That just seems perfect for Las Vegas.