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Mike Evans quietly gave us the worst dropped pass of the year

Evans’ drop was so bad he couldn’t even believe it.

Mike Evans was a BEAST on Sunday, finishing with six catches for 143 yards and a touchdown in the Buccaneers’ 20-6 win over the Titans — but he also gave us one of the worst drops of the season.

This is about as easy as you’re ever going to see for a receiver. He’s in behind everyone, no defender is remotely close, and he just muffed the whole thing. Evans is normally sure-handed, so this truly doesn’t make any sense — outside of perhaps worrying where the back of the end-zone is and being concerned about stepping out. Even then it’s a bit of a stretch, because there’s a good three yards between Evans’ feed and the boundary.

Obviously this was just a blip on the radar. Evans is playing great football and the Buccaneers got a major win on Sunday against the Titans, despite having questionable offensive talent.