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Texas A&M fires Jimbo Fisher as head coach, per report

Fisher went 45-25 as coach of the Aggies.

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Mississippi Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

In news that is somewhat surprising considering the timing, the Texas A&M Aggies are expected to part ways with head coach Jimbo Fisher, per TexAgs executive editor Billy Liucci.

As head coach of the Aggies, Fisher had a 45-25 overall record, but only went 27-22 in SEC play. The offensive struggles were evident, and the lack of QB development severely hamstrung Fisher and his Aggies teams. Fisher was deemed a QB whisperer and offensive mastermind, but the Aggies could never figure it out offensively. Fisher’s best year as the Aggies coach was a 9-1 finish with an Orange Bowl win, but it came during the pandemic, a wash year for many reasons.

There’s also the buyout portion of this tale. In 2021, Jimbo Fisher signed a 10-year $95 million guaranteed contract, latching him to the Aggies for the foreseeable future. However, with his expected firing, he’s owed about $76 million, per ESPN’s Pete Thamel. That’s just an absurd amount of money, but per Liucci, this decision has been in the works even before the Aggies defeated Mississippi State 51-10.

There was speculation that the firing of Fisher could happen this year, but now it has become official. The Jimbo Fisher era in College Station is over.