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The moment that decided the 2019 World Series demands a deep rewind


Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa’s race for home run history deserves a deep rewind


The Marlins’ chance to spoil Roger Clemens’ Yankees farewell needs a deep rewind

It’s the bottom of the 12th, Alex Gonzalez up to bat... welcome to a moment in history.


The USWNT beefed for three decades to get fair pay, better conditions, and the respect they deserve


Brandi Chastain: cut from USWNT, bad role model … Icon

20020: An American football story


One of the happiest moments in Tigers history needs a deep rewind

Bless you, Maglio. You’ve let us tell a happy Detroit story for once.


Atlanta and Cleveland’s battle to end baseball misery deserves a deep rewind

It’s always nice when the suffering can end (well, for one team)


Cal Ripken’s defining moment deserves a deep rewind

I mean, how did he actually beat Gehrig’s record?


The war between MLB players and owners deserves a deep rewind

The 1995 season is magical for many ways, but none of it was possible without opening day


Ed O’Bannon: hero, flameout ... Face of a Movement

To better understand the Ed we know, we need to explore the versions that came before.


The heart-stopping final seconds of Carmelo Anthony’s freshman title run need a deep rewind

No matter which way this NCAA Men’s Tournament Final went, history would be made


Tom Brady and Peyton Manning’s final showdown deserves a deep rewind

With retirement on the horizon, Peyton had one last shot at bragging rights


Drew Brees: too short, too injured … Super Bowl MVP

It’s easy to look past just how much Brees went through


The chip shot to decide the futures of Brady, Belichick and Flacco needs a deep rewind

The elite levels prepared to go off the chart


Revisiting Green Bay’s unbelievable playoff finish against the Cowboys in 2017

The Cowboys’ furious comeback, the Packers’ persistent survival, it all needs a deep rewind


David Ortiz becoming a clutch legend needs a deep rewind

Game 4 of the 2004 Red Sox-Yankees ALCS was a turning point for a rivalry, and the beginning of a whole new story.


The moment that won the 1997 World Series needs a deep rewind

Neither team was expected to be there. Therefore, we got a legendary World Series with this iconic moment.

DeSean Jackson’s miraculous nail in the Giants’ coffin needs a deep rewind

A bonkers ending in a rivalry full of ‘em.

Chosen: A deep rewind of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 46-year title quest

Here you’ll find info for all three chapters, plus dates and links for more Chosen stuff!


Didier Drogba’s momentous final kick in Chelsea’s 2012 Champions League run demands a deep rewind

This is one of the most Rewinder-y things to ever happen, honestly.


Is Bartolo Colon the worst batter ever to hit a home run?

Judges gavel on old law book

Weird Rules returns

Why we decided to revisit our old series with a new twist

Steph Curry’s overtime prayer in one of the best regular season games ever needs a deep rewind

Bang! Bang!

Here’s another thing the 2001 Mariners were implausibly good at

(Yes, it’s baseball)

And the beefiest beef that has ever beefed is...

The Beef History Bracket has been decided, what a blessed day


Kobe Bryant’s final shot needs a deep rewind

Somehow, after 20 years, Kobe Bryant had a chance to write a perfect ending to his time as a Laker.

The Marcus Smart-Joel Embiid beef dates all the way back to their college days

Trolling goes a long way

You remember Derek Jeter’s flip, but that whole 2001 ALDS Game 3 needs a deep rewind

The man with the infinite ERA

The Official Beef History Bracket

Welcome to the bracket that will decide sports’ greatest beef

Dorktown: John Stockton once would’ve led the NBA in assists even if he’d only played 60 games

Sorry for being 29 years late, but there are things to be said about 1991-92 John Stockton